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Cat cafe begins taking reservations, Internet predicted to break

Remember when The Spotted Pig very briefly took reservations this summer, and it broke the Internet à la Kim K's butt? This is bigger. Probably. 

We told you last month that New York was getting it's first permanent cat cafe (opening December 15th at 46 Hester St), with baked goods, free Wi-Fi, and most importantly, CATS to play with for up to five hours (!). Well, as of noon today, December 5, Meow Parlour is officially taking reservations online. Going off of how insane our own experience at a pop-up cat cafe was, and the fact that literally no one can say no to cats (just shut up for one second, dog people), we suggest you make a reservation ASAP, while you still can. 

Lucy Meilus is an Editorial Assistant at Thrillist and thinks entire cat malls should be the next thing. Follow her on Twitter for other grand ideas.