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This Massive Dessert Waffle Is a Chocolate Lover's Dream

This NYC restaurant’s over-the-top, chocolate-heavy take on classic diner waffles is enough to get Leslie Knope on the first flight out of Pawnee.

Inspired by childhood nostalgia, David Burke’s Tavern62 on the Upper East Side is whipping up a creation that goes above and beyond what a standard waffle iron is capable of. The most popular item on the restaurant’s dessert menu, the massive “Chocolate Waffle Cake for Two” involves waffles stuffed with rich chocolate cake, covered with a mountain of airy, chocolate mousse, and scoops of vanilla ice cream, and topped off with meringues, whipped cream, malted milk balls, Heath Bar Crunch, and warm chocolate fudge and toffee sauce.

If you’re lacking the stamina to consume even half of this beast, you can opt for one of Tavern62’s tamer dessert options, including coconut banana cream pie with dulce de leche sauce or a warm Southern pecan tart topped with fig-n-bourbon ice cream.

Watch the video above to see how this Upper East Side eatery can fix your chocolate craving until we vote Knope in 2020.

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Tanner Saunders is an Editorial Waffle Assistant at Thrillist. He’d someday like to be Donna Meagle.