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City Churned: Help create the ultimate New York Ben & Jerry's flavor

Ben & Jerry's would never dream of creating a New York flavor without consulting New Yorkers first, especially not when having an opinion on anything and everything is the flavor of New York. That's why they started City Churned: a voting platform where New Yorkers like you -- and New Yorkers like your neighbor who claims to have been a mega-successful 1980s day trader but currently has no apparent means of financial support -- can weigh in on exactly what should be in the new flavor, and what it should be called. As you can see above, Thrillist New York Editor Andrew Zimmer put some serious time into coming up with what he thinks NYC's signature flavor should be. To cast your vote, head to the NY City Churned homepage, then get ready to taste the fruits of your fantasizing at an upcoming Ben & Jerry's community tasting event.