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Warm up with Lobster Ramen in the East Village

North River

Because the only thing that could make ramen better is lobster (and vice versa?), North River is now serving Lobster Ramen.

The broth is made from a rich seafood stock fortified with roasted lobster bodies, while the soup and noodles are garnished with poached lobster tail and claw meat, daikon radish, cabbage, trout roe, and Aleppo pepper oil. It's listed on the bar menu for $20 and served upon request at the tables, so if you're sitting at a table... request it.

And because they only make a few portions each week, supplies are definitely limited, so your best bet is to turn out for dinner at the same time as your grandparents to ensure you snag a bowl of steaming, tasty, lobster-y goodness.

Pete Dombrosky is an Editorial Assistant at Thrillist and he's wondering how much lobster would improve instant ramen. If you also ponder lobster-related dishes, follow him on Twitter.