East Village pizza places are much better with hidden Italian courtyards in back

Meatball at One Twenty-Two First Ave

East Village fave and straightforwardly named South Brooklyn Pizza has opened up a next-door bar that has exactly zero doors, which means it's completely open to the street, and will also lead you back into a semi-hidden courtyard of Italian eats and pizza. As you correctly identify the brick everywhere (archways, walkways, two fireplaces…) to your friends, take down small plates like baked Manchego and cheesy meatballs, plus adventurous pies like the Bacon & Blue and The L.E.S, which is a bagel pizza without the bagel, as it's topped with smoked salmon, caper cream sauce (instead of cream cheese), and shaved red onions.

One Twenty-Two First Ave Interior
One Twenty-Two First Ave - Bacon And Blue Pizza
One Twenty-Two First Ave - Lox Pizza