This place serves more varieties of Korean pork than you previously thought possible

Bo ssam at PAN - Main Image

Named in part for the owner Roh (whose nickname is Peter Pan, for fairly complicated reasons) and in greater part for Korean "playground/marketplace" bazaars, PAN relocated itself from K-Town to Saint Marks to serve some of the most intense and adventurous eats this side of the outer boroughs: Korean pub food that's very heavy on the pork.

Interior - PAN

A super-clean design means there's nothing to get in the way of you getting your pork on, except for the chalk they insist you use to write on the walls.

Pork feet, a huge dish of pork feet

This is their specialty, the Pork Feet (it's really more like pork leg, though). Delivering a much more massive serving than it appears here, it's braised then sliced hog served with spicy pickled radishes and shrimp sauce that supposedly aids in digestion, grappa-style.

Everything Pork Stew

This stew throws about every part of the pig into a spicy pork broth: tripe, tongue, stomach, liver, ear, and "head meat".

Pig skin at PAN

The pork skin is adorned with sesame and delivers a nice chewy consistency.

Pork Belly Confit at PAN

Pork belly confit comes with fresh oysters, sauces, and spicy pickled radish, all of which is meant to be wrapped up in the cabbage (white kimchi) and devoured. They say it's basically a "more authentic version of the bo ssäm you'd get at Momofuku".

Grilled intestine at PAN

Grilled intestine. Before you're like, "Ewwww, intestine!", keep in mind that sausage is also intestine -- this one's just not stuffed with anything extra...

Snipping the intestine with scissors at PAN

... and they have a cool way of serving it: sizzling, then snipped.

Infused Makkgeoli at PAN

Wash it all down with their house special makgeolli, a Korean rice wine, which gets infused with everything from pineapple, to apple, to "mojito" like this one. Get 'em by the liter.

Sea snail noodles at PAN in the East Village

Pork's not your thing? Sea snail noodles to the rescue! Also, they have pork.