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This place serves ants (... and top-notch margs, tacos & suckling pig)

Published On 06/18/2014 Published On 06/18/2014

First, this place serves ants. Second, it's also a bright, airy, below-street level sleeve of a restaurant doling out proper cantina fare from the team behind West Village favorite Ofrenda. Third, THIS PLACE SERVES ANTS.

Andrew Zimmer

The Black Ant's front doors open out to a below-ground patio, so you can sit outside surrounded by nature, or sit inside also surrounded by nature, thanks to its "green" walls.

Andrew Zimmer

Jump into the insect-eating in an entry-level way with a Yum Kaax, which is made with tequila, wild Mexican herbs, homemade corn juice, and sal de hormiga (ant salt).

Andrew Zimmer

Did you chicken out? Instead, enjoy a not-insect-laden and somewhat ironically named Climbing Ant with tequila, Aperol, mole bitters, blood orange, and a regular salt rim.

Andrew Zimmer

Get things started with the signature Black Ant guacamole, which is topped with that previously mentioned ant salt, and made with pasilla peppers, charred baby corn, and grilled scallions served with a warm basket of tortillas you can use for your side order of...

Andrew Zimmer

... crickets. Make yourself a nice little Jiminy taco, and top it with the accompanying sweet and spicy mole jam.

Andrew Zimmer

Most of the dishes are actually sans-insects, including tacos loaded with shrimp or cod and these goat barbacoa numbers, topped with a savory chili paste and yogurt salsa.

Andrew Zimmer

Or entrees, which include a beautiful scallop and oxtail dish, and this Summery plate made up of roasted suckling pig, green Oaxacan mole, and seasonal veggies.

Andrew Zimmer is Thrillist's NYC Editor and he is not afraid to eat ants anymore. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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1. The Black Ant 60 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003 (East Village)

This bright, airy, below-street level restaurant doles out proper cantina fare from the team behind West Village favorite Ofrenda. The Black Ant is serving up some rare protein options, namely black ant guacamole and fried crickets, blending the bugs into the menu in a way that successfully evades gimmick in favor of quality, unique flavor. The cocktail list is spectacular as well, offering drinks with ingredients like habanero shrub bitters and homemade corn juice.



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