Sunset + the Statue of Liberty + some wine = sweet

Photo: Mille Fiori FavoritiWhile the poor masses huddle together waiting to visit the Statue of Liberty, those who don't want to grow tired of standing in line and/or weak from hunger head to Gigino at Wagner Park, whose sunset views of Ellis Island make it one of the top outdoor settings in all of Manhattan. The sister restaurant to TriBeCa's Gigino Trattoria, the Wagner location is helmed by a team that's been cranking out Italian in Manhattan for nearly 30 years, with coastal Italian fare including calamari fritti, carrot-ginger shrimp over risotto, and these seafood meatballs in Lobster Sauce.But the food's ancillary to the view, which is best drunk in along with a bottle of wine or a few bloody marys, at least so long as you don't have so many that every sentence you speak starts with "Give me".Photos: