This Brooklyn Pizza Shop Makes 6-Foot-Long Pies

TMG Video

While there’s no shortage of pizza in New York, only one spot makes pies taller than most members of the population. At Fornino, a Brooklyn pizza staple since 2004, chef Michael Ayoub serves a battery of inventive Italian-style pies, including his latest creation: a Roman pie that measures a full 6 feet.

To construct a pizza of this scale, Fornino uses a 12-foot-wide oven, lovingly referred to as “Puff,” that’s one of only three of its kind in the United States. Before preparing each individual pie, Ayoub and his team ferment the dough for three to five days. Once it’s ready, they stretch it to its full 6-foot capacity, and top it with house-made tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella, before loading it into “Puff.”

“When I’m carrying a 6-foot pizza... people are kind of astonished... it’s quite awe-inspiring,” Ayoub says. To find out more about these enormous pies, check out the video above.

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Eliza Dumais believes there is no such thing as too large a pizza. Follow her @elizadumais.