These Insane Breakfast Burritos Are the Perfect Hangover Cure


Forget that liter of Tropical Fruit-flavored Pedialyte waiting patiently for your next hangover, because this NYC Filipino taqueria has a better cure.

2nd City, located in the West Village, is an homage to chef Jordan Andino’s Filipino heritage, featuring new twists on traditional foods served in a casual and laid-back taqueria setting. Since it opened last year, 2nd City’s burgers and burritos have become a favorite amongst NYU kids and food Instagrammers alike, and the Plan B-Rito, the joint’s signature dish, has quickly gained a reputation as one of New York’s most popular hangover cures. Inspired by a childhood haunt in California, Andino elevated his favorite California breakfast burrito by combining hash browns, three types of meat (including a sweet, barbecued Filipino sausage), avocado, eggs, cheese, and salsa into a tortilla for the ultimate booze-absorbing grease trap.

If that doesn’t give you reason to get out of bed Saturday morning, the 8-inch Flip, a deep-fried sushi burrito, certainly will. Far from your average sushirrito, this one is made by wrapping coconut rice, spicy tuna, jalapeños, fresh avocado, and crisp wontons in a tortilla, which then gets battered and deep fried.

Watch the video above to find out more about 2nd City and plan ahead for this weekend’s hangover.

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Tanner Saunders is an Editorial Burrito Assistant at Thrillist. Follow him on Instagram.