This Brilliant Garlic Knot-Themed Spot Is Making Sliders With Garlic Knot Buns


At a typical New York slice joint, garlic knots are an afterthought -- but a new all-garlic knot vendor at Chelsea’s Gansevoort Market, aptly called Hold My Knots, is trying to change that.

Instead of simply serving twisted dough tossed with intense garlic oil, Hold My Knots makes sliders using knots instead of buns: They get sliced in half and piled high with classic Italian fillings, like marinara sauce-covered meatballs or thick slices of chicken Parmesan. Others are baked and stuffed with cheese, pepperoni, or bacon, and of course coated with a generous dousing of oil and garlic. One piece of advice: Just remember to bring along a pack of gum.

To find out more about this garlic knot-obsessed shop, check out the video above.

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Amy Schulman is an Editorial Production Assistant who takes her pizza with a side of garlic knots. Follow her on Instagram.