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Doughnut Plant's Ripple Donut Is the Only Holiday Dessert You Need

You can save yourself the embarrassment of forcing your loved ones to eat your burnt gingerbread cookies, because one NYC donut shop has created the perfect donut on donut (on donut... ) dessert to bring to your Christmas dinner/co-worker's holiday party/anti-celebration Scrooged viewing.

Just before Thanksgiving, the Chelsea location of NYC's beloved Doughnut Plant launched a special donut-within-a-donut-within-a-donut creation known as "The Ripple." According to owner Mark Isreal, the inspiration came from a few places: the multi-colored donut tiles his father designed for the Doughnut Plant shops, bicycle wheels, and different sized shapes and circles.

After completely selling out of the Ripple donuts at Thanksgiving, Israel decided to bring the creation back with two holiday-themed flavors (both of which ring in at $24 and can feed up to eight people). The "Chanukah" donut, which comes in the shape of a menorah, has a cream cheese glaze with blackberry jam filling, while the "Christmas" donut features white chocolate glaze with red velvet crumbles; mint glaze with chocolate pudding filling; and, at the center, ginger glaze on a ginger bread donut.

So, what's the best method of getting after this behemoth? Israel says there's no right way to eat it -- some people tear into it, which others will cut it into slices like a cake. He personally likes to eat two to three pieces of the donuts at the same time, so that he can get a variety of different flavors in one bite. 

Find out more about how the monstrous creation is made in the video above, and get your own Doughnut Plant's Chelsea and Lower East Side locations.

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