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This NYC Cafe Makes a BLT With Hash Browns Instead of Bread

Even as food fads continue to come and go in New York, standard comfort food has always managed to maintain a central place in the city’s dining scene. The latest example? Fort Greene’s new all-day cafe, Hudson Jane, home of the Double Brown -- a rendition of your classic BLT that’ll make you question your devotion to your standard diner variety. Inspired by KFC’s famed Double Down sandwich (which uses fried chicken cutlets instead of bread), Hudson Jane’s fried-egg-topped BLT comes in between two hash browns.

“[The Double Down] just got me thinking about why we haven’t utilized the hash brown patty more effectively,” Hudson Jane Chef Megan Johnson tells Thrillist, “and we did. And it was amazing.”

According to Johnson, the secret behind the sandwich is texture. The hash browns are first dipped in egg yolk, then baked to ensure they won’t get soggy once the remaining ingredients are added. When they’re crunchy enough, they get topped with slices of thick-cut bacon, fresh lettuce and tomato, a secret house aioli, and a fried egg (Johnson notes that she makes sure not to break the yolk -- “that’s part of the magic.”)

In addition to the Double Brown, Hudson Jane serves a battery of other twists on classic comfort food staples -- like bacon-wrapped cheese curds and chicken skin chips & guacamole. “Everyone loves chips and guac, but then you get these crispy chicken skins -- that’s something familiar, but it’s completely different,” Johnson notes.

Check out the video above to find out more about your next go-to brunch spot.

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Eliza Dumais thinks most things should be served between two hash browns. Follow her @elizadumais.