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This Seatless Japanese Steakhouse is Taking New York by Storm

When it comes to going out for a nice steak dinner, chances are you’ll be settling into a cushy chair in a place where sneakers are not permitted. But at the East Village’s new Ikinari Steak (the first New York outpost of the popular Japanese steakhouse chain) things more closely resemble eating a slice of dollar pizza at 2am; here, your steak is consumed while standing up.

Ikinari Steak operates under the concept of delivering high-quality steak to its customers as quickly as possible. It’s like a hybrid of a butcher shop and a steakhouse: Choose your own piece of meat at the counter and pay by the gram (the minimum order of ribeye is 300g for $27), then watch a butcher cut it right in front of you. The steak is then served rare on a cast-iron platter and can be eaten at one of the standing-room only high-tops in the dining area.

To find out more about the steakhouse that encourages you to wear your comfy shoes, check out the video above.

Ciera Velarde is an editorial production assistant at Thrillist who believes it’s a rite of passage to eat meals standing up in New York City. Follow her on Instagram.