Would You Pay $2,000 for a Pizza Topped With 24-Karat Gold?


New York City is no stranger to great pizza, but with dollar slice shops on practically every corner, newcomers to the scene have to try a little bit harder to make themselves stand out... including, apparently, seriously upping the price tag.

Industry Kitchen on South St in the Financial District took inspiration from nearby Wall St for its indulgent 24K pizza, which costs exactly $2,000.

What could possibly make a pizza cost that much? After the squid ink dough rests for 48 hours (which is how far in advance you’ll need to order the pie), it get stretched and topped with Stilton cheese, 24-karat gold leaves, caviar, truffles, and foie gras. The result is a glittery and pungent pizza that is about as rich as the people who would be ordering it (the restaurant tells us it’s sold two of the pies since it was added to the menu in November). While we’re going to safely assume that Joe’s is probably more in your budget, if you find that you’ve recently acquired a large sum of money from a dead relative, this might be a good first stop.

To find out more about the 24K pizza, check out the video above.

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Ciera Velarde is an editorial production assistant at Thrillist whose personal pizza price tag limit is $20 but is willing to negotiate if pineapple is involved. Follow her on Instagram.
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