Courtesy of PJ Clarke's

Best burger: P.J. Clarke’s

44 W 63rd St

While it might lack the historic charm of the original 55th St location, the P.J. Clarke's directly opposite Dante Park still serves up the best burger-and-beer combination within walking distance of Lincoln Center. Post up at the bar with a pint and a Cadillac burger, or share a trio of sliders with a fellow meat-lover -- the choice is yours!

Best pizza: Casabianca Pizzeria

503 W 57th St

Serving classic NY-style slices on grease-absorbing paper plates, Casabianca's your go-to for pizza and pizza-related foodstuffs (stromboli, garlic knots, etc.). There’s also a grilled chicken salad here that’ll blow your hair back, inasmuch as a person's hair can be blown back by a grilled chicken salad. Continue Reading

Courtesy of Atlantic Grill

Best seafood: Atlantic Grill

49 W 64th St

This is actually a solid play for surf OR turf (try the grilled filet or the organic chicken), but unless you’re a diehard meatist, your move should be one of the fishier dishies. Opt for the shrimp dumplings, pan-roasted salmon, or seared bigeye tuna -- or, even better, go rogue with the six-piece sushi sampler.

Best Italian: Lincoln Ristorante

142 W 65th St

With its glass-walled dining room and open-kitchen format, this Lincoln-Center-adjacent restaurant lets you observe the chefs prepare your meal while passersby watch you observing them. It’s basically Inception, but with high-end pasta dishes and crispy pork cutlets instead of dream heists and BRAAAAM.

Courtesy of Rosa Mexicano

Best Mexican: Rosa Mexicano

61 Columbus Ave

The tableside guac preparation, pomegranate margaritas, chile relleno, and mahi-mahi tacos are all excellent reasons to hit up the UWS location of this modern Mexican chain, but its expansive tequila selection (75+ bottles!) might just be the ultimate deal-sealer. Just know that whatever you end up getting, you’ll be paying UWS prices for it.

Best cheap eats: La Dinastia

145 W 72nd St

Located right off the 1 train stop at 72nd St, La Dinastia combines Asian and Latin cuisine at a price point that’s tailor-made for the “I just blew my paycheck on these Nutcracker tickets” set. Menu highlights include the pot roast, the beef stew, the pork dumplings, and the fried chicken -- and of course, the portions are massive as well.

Courtesy of Parm

Best sandwiches: Parm

235 Columbus Ave

The UWS outpost of this beloved Italian shop serves up the same hearty semolina sammies as its Downtown forebear, from chicken francese to the eponymous Parm itself, served in roll, hero, or platter form. If you're up for something new, there's also the messy-yet-delicious Randy Levine sandwich: char siu pork, half-sour pickles, and spicy mustard on a garlic bread roll.

Courtesy of Cafe Luxembourg

Best brunch: Cafe Luxembourg

200 W 70th St

This UWS spot gets packed during prime-time brunch hours, so reservations are a must. Once you’re actually in your seat, though, the maddening crowd is swiftly drowned out by lobster rolls, ricotta pancakes, and the kind of French onion soup you’d arm-wrestle your own mother for. Arm-wrestling your mom at the table isn’t the best look, though, so maybe just order two bowls of soup.

Best BYOB: Le Soleil

858 10th Ave
If you’ve never had Haitian food, this is the place to amend that glaring error: the fried goat, griot, and red snapper are all excellent, and there’s a rotating menu with special items for each day of the week. The milkshakes are on point as well, but the fact that you can bring your booze of choice to enjoy with your meal is what pushes this place over the top.

Courtesy of The Leopard at des Artistes

Best date spot: The Leopard at des Artistes

1 W 67th St

This classic New York establishment is built on the bones of the iconic CafĂ© des Artistes, and that history is a big part of why you’re going here: the walls feature the original restaurant’s famous murals, which set the tone and serve as great conversation starters. Of course, there's more to this place than reliving your favorite trenchant insights from My Dinner with Andre: the Southern Italian fare (like homemade pappardelle and three-meat tortellini) is some of the best in the city.

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1. P.J. Clarke's 44 W 63rd St, New York, NY 10023

The West Side outpost of this East Side fave serves the same delicious burgers and brews that made P.J. Clarke famous back in the day.

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2. Casabianca Pizzeria 503 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019

This storefront pizza shop in Hell's Kitchen serves simple pies, stromboli and calzones that are sure to satisfy.

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3. Atlantic Grill 49 W 64th St, New York, NY 10023

This classy seafood spot is popular with the Lincoln Center crowd, who flock for oysters on the half shell, King crab legs, and sushi, among other shellfish faves.

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4. Lincoln Ristorante 142 W 65th St, New York, NY 10023

As only a restaurant on Lincoln Center's campus could be, Lincoln Restaurant is dramatic. The solo venture from Per Se's former chef du cuisine is housed in a glass-walled space with a sloping roof that is covered in walkable green grass. As artful as the acts staged at The Met Opera, some would say. Elegant Italian-inflected flavors are crafted in the open kitchen, from veal chop with Roman gnocchi to rare sirloin with black truffle sauce and bone marrow soufflé. Even modest dishes like eggplant Parmesan are loaded with impressive flavor. A carefully curated wine list, starring Italian vintages, is navigated for you by a knowledgeable staff. As after any grand performance, we're betting you'll shout encore.

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5. Rosa Mexicano 61 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10023

Rosa Mexicano locations dot the island of Manhattan, and this David Rockwell-designed two-story dining room on the Upper West Side provides a playfully elegant backdrop for an elevated Mexican menu. Guacamole is made table-side in oversized stone bowls, pork tacos come achiote-seasoned, and short rib is spiced with guajillo and pasilla chile. Some 40 tequilas remind drinkers that this is a Mexican bar after all, and the pomegranate margaritas will get your hips loose. It's hard to mind the bill too much when you've got a dramatic, 30-foot-tall blue-tiled water wall to distract you.

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6. La Dinastia 145 W 72nd St, New York, NY 10023

China meets Brazil at this Latin American/Asian hybrid spot in the Upper West Side. Standby, comfort food dishes like Green Pepper Steak And Special Fried Rice are sure to satisfy.

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7. Parm 235 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10023

This Upper West Side location of the popular Italian kitchen brings the same meatball subs, spumoni, and baked ziti, plus some full-sized entrees like chicken limone or The Delmonico. Count on excellent cocktails as well, like the Osso Nice with rye, lime and spicy calabrian honey. There's a full sandwich menu available for takeout ordering if you can't land a reservation or prefer your Italian Combo in the comfort of your sweats while watching The Godfather.

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8. Cafe Luxembourg 200 W 70th St, New York, NY 10023

Mange on steak frites and tartare at this classy UWS bistro that specializes in traditional French dishes with modern flair.

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9. Le Soleil Haitian Restaurant 858 10th Ave, New York, NY 10019

This casual restaurant serves up African and Caribbean cuisine. Along with traditional fare (think goat, beef okra, and guinea hen), Le Soleil also offers great Haitian milkshakes.

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10. The Leopard at Des Artistes 1 W 67th St, New York, NY 10023

Sagely preserving Cafe Des Artistes' nude murals while adding touches like walnut-clad columns and terrazo floors, this Southern-Boot joint from the Il Gattopardo crew will fatten you with veal arancini, roasted rabbit pappardelle, a two-person rib-eye w/