Houston Street's pastrami palace

Photo: Smitten By FoodMany of NYC's most famed culinary contributions have seemingly been surpassed: foldable slices of street 'za have been displaced Neapolitan offerings at the top of the pie pyramid, and some local restaurants have even taken to shipping their bagels down from Montreal ("Et tu, Brut-eh?"). Yet when it comes to pastrami, nowhere on earth may you find a more balanced slice than at Katz's.Photo: The Smoking NunThe space is an ode to kitsch, with neon signs & beer ads illuminating walls literally covered in endless photos of patrons, whose ranks ncluding Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan on break from filming the infamous scene in When Harry Met Sally where she shows everyone her Oy!-face.No self-respecting Jew turns down a free slice of brisket, so don't insult the dude taking your order at the counter when he offers you one, even though you'll be saddled with nearly a full pound of it between two slices of rye once your sandwich is ready. Their corned beef takes up to 30 full days to brine (as opposed to a scant 36-hours), accounting in part for its singular succulence, and unlike at the less-offensive-to-Yahweh 2nd Avenue Deli, they'll throw on some cheese to make you a reuben.