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Butcher by day, fine dining by night

Accessible only through next-door Sauce, and boasting more meat hooks, spikes, and saws than you'd see in the next 37 Hostel sequels, Tiberio Custom Meats is a top-notch butcher shop by day, but is more than ready to transform into a single-table restaurant that'll feed you and nine friends (not Ross) a nine-course tasting menu aiming to rival the city's finest that aren't served over the very floor on which dudes hacked up sides of beef hours earlier

Here it is on meat delivery day -- don't worry, everything will be butchered and stored by dinner time. And, if you're walking down Rivington, you can watch them do it through the window

Because they spend basically all day with the meat, the team (Adam Tiberio and Erik Hassert) has more intimate knowledge of the musculature than a normal chef would, so they know exactly when to, say, sear vs. braise. They also wear cool hoods to impress the meat

And here's the exact same space -- see the sign on the butcher case, and that hook-rail above? -- but with a table for ten

Prep gets a lot more delicate during dinner..

... to create the crudo course here, which features chuck tender tartare topped with Castelmagno and balsamic, bottom round carpaccio with sunchokes and black salt, and top-round strips with shaved fennel and Danish Viking smoked sea salt to provide a very Loki dining experience

To push beyond the pigs and cows that look really cool in windows, they'll also score a Peking-/Normandy-type duck mix from an upstate farm that's not as fatty as most, then dry-age it for nine days to concentrate the flavors and create a super-crispy skin before it's seared and served rare with pea shoots and roasted garlic jus

And if you're eating in a butcher shop because you want to see some damn meat butchered, dammit, never fear -- they'll chop chunks right in front of you, while trying to focus on cuts you might not be immediately familiar with..

... like this beauty, a seared/braised duo of sliced collar and bone-in belly with Japanese sweet potato and golden raisin demi-glace you'll likely be quite Taken with, even though that's the wrong movie.