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Time for crazy, giant, banana splits!

If you're bored after already conquering foie gras ice cream, donut ice cream sandwiches, and spaghetti ice cream, Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream will sate your need for bonkers creations (like Fernet black walnut, American egg, or banana curry) without sacrificing a total dedication to actually great flavor, top-notch ingredients, and the craft of ice cream making in a throwback ice cream parlor setting.

Pull up to the counter or sit in one of their desk-styled seats.

The menu is pretty easy to navigate (despite its onslaught of quirky choices): there are scoops and toppings like anywhere else, sundaes, delights (which are lighter than sundaes), and royales (which are richer than sundaes), including the New God Flow -- that's two scoops of melting raw milk ice cream on top of a piece of Japanese toast (that's like a richer version of pullman, soaked in honey and caramelized with a blow torch), both drizzled with honey and blowtorched very slightly again to melt everything just a little.

Here we have the Salted Caramel Pretzel, which sounds self-explanatory except here it's salted caramel ice cream on top of what is essentially a salted caramel brownie, topped with caramel sauce (not salted!), pretzels, and whipped cream.

Their sorbets are not like other sorbets, in that 1) they've got more interesting flavors like this chocolate banana, or passion fruit apricot, and 2) they're a little creamier and feel a bit more like ice cream.

The thing you're probably getting if it's your first time there though, is the King Kong Banana Split, which they'll bespoke the crap out of by having you pick a flavor and then they guide you with the other two. This one here is piled with three kinds of vanilla (bourbon, lemon, and honey), sesame caramel sauce, whipped cream, sesame honey comb, pickled pineapple, and a carefully curated top of Luxardo cherries.

Note: if you're ordering more than one thing, destroy them as fast as you can.

Andrew Zimmer is Thrillist's NYC editor and his favorite ice cream-related movie scene is when Napoleon gets the Ziggy Piggy in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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