New York City is no stranger to stunt food. From milkshakes so large you can hardly eat them, to election-themed burgers, to just about every kind of pastry hybrid imaginable, there's no shortage of over-the-top concoctions to boost your Instagram likes. The latest? A burger with a massively thick top bun that oozes cheese.

RawMaterial, a new LES restaurant from the team behind Black Tree with a focus on "ethically harvested materials," is serving an off-menu burger, appropriately called The Burger Bomb. It's essentially your average cheeseburger, save for one key detail: a hollowed-out top bun that's filled with a house cheese sauce made with aged cheddar, cream, and herbs. Watch the video above to see what happens when it gets cut in half.

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1. Raw Material 131 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002 (Lower East Side)

Lower East Side sandwich shop Black Tree took its farm-to-table concept to the extreme in 2016 by transforming itself into a sustainably sourced, "ethically harvested" restaurant. Instead of sandwiches, the menu features oysters, ceviche, pâté, and various meat plates -- all of which are made with ingredients that are grown and raised ethically. Don't let the fact that Raw Material's ingredients are produced with a good-for-humankind mentality trick you into thinking that the food is healthy though. The spot is known for its Burger Bomb, a off-menu cheeseburger made with a hollowed-out top bun that's filled with a house cheese sauce of aged cheddar, cream, and cheese.



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