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6 chicken & waffles dishes you need to eat at the new LES Sweet Chick

Williamsburg fried chicken favorite, Sweet Chick, just opened up a new branch on the Lower East Side. To get you properly acquainted, we went and took pictures of its ENTIRE arsenal of chicken & waffle combinations, including the brand-new chicken and Parm waffles and the special, this-weekend-only chicken & foieffles.

The Original

The chicken is brined for 24hrs, then dredged, dipped in buttermilk, then dredged again (this time through special spices), before being fried to extra-crunchy crispiness. The waffle is dusted with a little powdered sugar, and can have bits of awesome baked right into it like spiced pecans, Parmesan and walnut, bacon and cheddar, or rosemary and mushroom.

Chicken Parm

New to the LES location is this combo that features fried chicken topped with marinara and Parm (basically a crispier, bone-in chicken Parm), and waffles baked with sun-dried tomato and basil.

The Chicken & "Foieffles"

For this weekend only, it's offering up this savory bastard that accompanies the original fried chicken, but with waffles that have bits of freaking foie gras baked right into them. Bonus: it comes with a dish of duck fat maple syrup, which we dare you to drink straight up.

General Tso's

The popular Chinese takeout dish is waffle-ized here (like all good Chinese takeout dishes should be) with General Tso's sauce on the chicken, and waffles punched up with broccoli and rice.

Duck Confit

Okay, so it's not technically chicken, but it is fried and comes with waffles. The waffles have dried cherry baked in 'em, and there's pomegranate molasses on the side for rubbing on your body/dipping.

Buffalo Chicken

One of its most popular concoctions, the Buffalo chicken and waffles rolls with a pretty standard buttery sauce on the crisped poultry, while the waffles are filled with your favorite wing-ccompaniments (celery and carrots), and topped with crumbled blue cheese.

Andrew Zimmer is Thrillist's NYC Editor and loves that putting waffles next to something means it's totally cool to eat them for breakfast. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.