Michael White's entry in the Search for the Most America-est Hot Dog needs your vote!

The Beast aka La Bestia aka The Motherload

In America, we cook our hot dogs in beer, dammit. The Beast, aka La Bestia, aka The Motherload -- the name alone should put you on notice that Michael White (Nicoletta, Marea, just-opened The Butterfly) does not eff around when it comes to the 4th of July, but the fruit of his labor that thankfully involves zero fruit lives up to it. His take on the hot dog says damn your rules right from the start by using jalapeno bratwurst instead -- which is only one of many delicious reasons that you should vote for it in Thrillist's Search for the Most America-est Hot Dog. But only after you scroll down to see exactly what this sucker's made of.

Pour beer into pot

First things first, fill up with beer, then fill the pot with a bunch of beer, too. Preferably Milwaukee's Best -- it is the Beast after all, plus White's from Wisco.

Beer poaching

The brats get poached in that brew, plus a little thyme and bay leaf, you know, cause you fancy.

Brat griddling

They're then pulled out before being split down the center and griddled.

Cheese brats

Once it's nice and cooked, each brat-half is covered up with a slab (or two) of Swiss.

Beast toppings

It's then placed on a beer-buttered hoagie, smeared with stone-ground Dijonnaise, and topped with liberty cabbage (it's not sauerkraut on the 4th), pickled red onions, and pickled pickles.

The Beast is here

Boom: the beer-buttered, cheesy brat-stuffed Beast, aka La Bestia, aka The Motherload...

Michael White enjoys the Motherload and a brewski

... best enjoyed while standing and taking down a tall boy.

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