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Say goodbye to the cheapest pizza in New York

In a city where pizza slice prices are known to mirror subway fares, it takes an uncommonly benevolent pizzaiolo to charge a paltry $.75 per slice. That is, after all, just one-third of an MTA swipe.

So it’s with heavy hearts that we mourn the death of a pizza martyr -- and of a price more typical, in MTA terms, of our toddler years.

The New York Postreports that there's been a surrender in the vicious, two-year price war between the Midtown 2 Bros and neighboring Pizza King -- a war that saw both stores drop their slice price to a meager $0.75. The 2 Bros finally caved, and in spectacular fashion -- not by charging more for its pizza -- but by closing up and moving out. (The new tenant: one Hibachi Dumpling Express.)

Pizza King, the victor and last pizza man standing, has embraced its newfound monopoly by hiking its own rates, albeit to a still-cheap $1.50. We haven’t seen this crushing a blow to the "cheap" part of "cheap eats" since April's Chipotle Burrito Affair.

Remember this day so you can bore your grandchildren with tales of when pizza cost only three quarters.

Hannah Serena Goldstein is an editorial assistant at Thrillist who's mourning not just 2 Bros, but pizza in general, because she doesn't eat gluten. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram