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This Chinese Street Food Is Blowing Up in NYC

Forget your standard dollar slice: Your new lunch break go-to comes from Mr. Bing, a popular Chinese street-food vendor that’s been popping up in various New York markets and food halls since 2015, and, as of this year, has a permanent home in Midtown’s Urbanspace Vanderbilt.

Mr. Bing is known for serving jianbing (or “bing” for short): a savory egg-stuffed crepe that’s been a staple Chinese street breakfast for years (and has a history dating back as far as 2,000 years). “I became interested in jianbing when I was a student in China about 20 years ago,” says Mr. Bing founder, Brian Goldberg. “Right outside our dorm, there’d be an old lady on the back of a bicycle cart making bings for all the students -- and that’s how I first fell in love.” Goldberg studied the art of the popular breakfast pancake for nearly 14 years before returning to the states to start his own business.

Traditional bings are prepared with a mung bean batter (a green protein-heavy legume) rather than traditional flour. The pancakes are then stuffed with scrambled eggs, crispy wontons, and a sesame-scallion-hoisin sauce, before being folded and served immediately. Best of all for busy New Yorkers, the whole process only takes around three minutes.

Goldberg’s iteration isn’t completely authentic -- he’s added protein (like Peking duck, BBQ pork, and chicken) to the original recipe as a way of making the dish a full-fledged lunch or dinner item. So far, it seems to be working. Mr. Bring has plans to expand to two new locations in Flatiron and Chelsea soon.

Check out the video above to learn more about why you should ditch your standard lunch time order.

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Eliza Dumais is a native New Yorker with an unabashed devotion to dollar slices. Follow her @elizadumais
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