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Kips Bay Just Got Some Excellent Pizza

Published On 03/10/2015 Published On 03/10/2015

Setting up shop in Kips Bay, Rocky Slims is a new eatery from Angelo Romano (who cut his avant-garde chops at Roberta's and then The Pines) that offers "seasonal Italian-American classics" with "a modern twist" served in "an edgy-yet-casual atmosphere" blah blah blah blah, GO HERE FOR PIZZA.

Shell Tu/Thrillist

Rocky Slims' constantly flaming wood-fired oven (which has the words "MANGIA FUOCO" scrawled on it, meaning "EAT FIRE" in Italian) spits out medium-sized pies in out-of-the-ordinary square shapes, including an intensely flavored sausage joint with fiery, extra-addicting, pickled peppers.

Shell Tu/Thrillist

Beyond those square pies, there's also other Italian-ness like zucca (little pumpkin-shaped pasta pockets, filled with pork ragu)...

Shell Tu/Thrillist

... and crispy-skinned duck, which has an exterior slightly reminiscent of Peking duck, with a grape must reduction that boosts the juicy/tender/mmmmmm-qualities of the meat.

Shell Tu/Thrillist

Don't have time to sit down and eat? Hit Rocky Slims’ slice shop next door. Do have time to sit down and eat? Hit Rocky Slims' slice shop next door AFTER you sit down and eat.

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Shell Tu is a freelance writer for Thrillist and hopes she can have uni and sake everyday until the end of the world. Follower her on Instagram @shellicious.

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1. Rocky Slims 338 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10010

Located in Kips Bay, Rocky Slims is the brainchild of Angelo Romano (who cut his avant-garde chops at Roberta's and then The Pines) that offers "seasonal Italian-American classics" with a modern twist served in an edgy-yet-casual atmosphere. But seriously, the pizza (and the pasta, and the crispy-skinned duck) are all excellent.



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