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Where to get 26 NYC dishes your hangover desperately needs right now

After last night, you've pretty much only got three options right now: 1) roll over and go back to bed for all of 2015, 2) try to jump right into your resolution for clean living and fiscal responsibility (hahahahahahahahaha), or 3) find something to fix your throbbing head situation. These 26 NYC dishes should all do nicely:


Brooklyn Heights
What you're getting: Colonie Burger
How much could you go for a house-butchered patty topped with Edwards Farm bacon, Cabot cheddar, seasonal pickles, lettuce that's been wilted by pan drippings, spicy Thousand Island, beet root ketchup, and a runny duck egg, all on top of a 100% house-made bun with beef fat in it. Yeah, us too.

Root & Bone

East Village
What you're getting: Waffle chicken sandwiches
This way you don't have to use your hands to eat that fried chicken, but you get to use your hands to eat waffles. Boom.

Shake Shack
Shake Shack

Shake Shack

Grand Central
What you're getting: Sausage, egg, and cheese
This is the only place Shake Shack serves breakfast outside of an airport, annnnnd holy crap how much do we want a breakfast sandwich right now.


Murray Hill
What you're getting: Lobster pizza
You've eaten weirder things after a night of drinking, admit it.

Tortas Neza at Juan Bar
James Boo

Tortas Neza at Juan Bar

What you're getting: Pumas
This top-notch cheap eats spot in Queens takes pretty much every meat from its kitchen and puts it in this sandwich.

Cheeky Sandwiches

Lower East Side
What you're getting: Chicken biscuit
This is excellent. Really anything covered in gravy is excellent right now, but this especially.


Brighton Beach
What you're getting: Cheese khachapuri
Butter, egg, cheese, and bread. Perfect.

Marta NYC
Alice Gao


What you're getting: Capricciosa
Putting an egg on a pizza almost always makes it better, and eating a pizza almost always makes a hangover better, and life in general... man, pizza is awesome. 



Alphabet City
What you're getting: Brunch Pizza
See above.

Trattoria Il Mulino
Trattoria Il Mulino

Trattoria Il Mulino

What you're getting: Burrata French toast
Why didn't anyone think of this earlier?


Park Slope
What you're getting: Pretty much anything covered in Nutella
This one applies to pretty much anywhere you can get it, actually.

Extra Fancy
Drew Swantak

Extra Fancy

What you're getting: Patty melt with egg and bacon
Sure, it's a late-night option, but it's technically possible to be hungover at 4am. And it's more than technically possible to cure said 4am hangover with four patties topped with cheese, egg, and bacon.

Russ & Daughters

Lower East Side
What you're getting: Bagel & lox
Sometimes you just want to keep it classic.

Black Seed Bagel

What you're getting: Lox and tobiko spread sandwich
Sometimes it's better to go new school.


What you're getting: A plate piled with bacon and lobster
It's part of the ridiculous brunch, and it can be yours if you want it to be.


What you're getting: A plate piled with bacon, sausage, and caviar-topped eggs
You can do all kinds of crazy stuff to get your $100 worth.

Golden Unicorn

What you're getting: Everything you can stick in your face
Dumplings on dumplings on dumplings is an excellent way to get over shots on shot on shots.

Choza Taqueria

Hell's Kitchen
What you're getting: Breakfast tacos
Eggs are just better when they're in a taco. Why? Well, there are some things we may never know the answer to. And that's okay.

Untamed Sandwiches

What you're getting: The Ol' Grumpy
Soft scrambled eggs mixed with grass-fed beef chili that's been braised in Sixpoint's The Crisp (so you're kind of keeping the party going), topped with pimento cheese, hot hot jam, and cilantro.

Pasar Malam

What you're getting: Burger wrapped in an egg
If you wrap a burger in an egg you can eat it before noon.

Sweet Chick

What you're getting: Chicken & waffles
They've got a ton of different options, but at this point, any of them would be amazing.

The Derby

Lower East Side
What you're getting: Chicken & waffle Benedict
You know what else is amazing? Fried chicken Benedict. 


Hell’s Kitchen
What you're getting: Bacon tasting
Is there anything at all better than bacon?

Landhaus at the Woods

What you're getting: Bacon on a stick
If there is anything better than bacon, it's thicker bacon.


West Village
What you're getting: Espresso-steamed eggs with freshly sliced prosciutto and shaved Parmesan
It's one of the best brunch spots in the city, buuuuutttt you could probably, maybe make this at home, minus the espresso-steamed part and plus the part where you'll eat all the prosciutto before the eggs are down. Still sounds pretty good though.

Red Cat Burger
Red Cat

The Red Cat

What you're getting: The Dirty Burger
VT cheddar, grilled onions, a fried egg, and delicious, restorative beef. Something like this might not cure your hangover, but it'll at least make you forget about it for a little while.

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Andrew Zimmer is Thrillist's NYC Editor and trust him, he has a lot of experience eating while hungover. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.