NYC Didn't Invent Bagels, But It Did Perfect Them

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Editor's Note: This is an episode of Food/Groups, Thrillist's YouTube series based on the deep, delicious relationships between different communities and the foods/food rituals by which they define themselves. Subscribe to Thrillist's YouTube channel and tune in for a brand-new episode every Monday.

We’ve traveled all over the country on this season of Food/Groups. But now that we’re back home in New York City, it’s time for a confession. See, like most New Yorkers -- natives, transplants, whatever -- we love bagels. We love bagels so much, in fact, that we did a whole episode about ‘em last season. But honestly? We didn’t go deep enough that time. We didn’t quite capture the essence of the city’s bagel identity. So we’re calling a do-over. Food/Groups. New York City Bagels: Take 2!

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