9 Excellent Delivery Dishes from New York’s Best Restaurants

Ordering in? You NEED to know these spots.

If you've ever had food delivered to your doorstep you know that there are some dishes that are best left for enjoying within the walls of the restaurant. That's why you won't find any steakhouses or fries and onion rings on this list spotlighting nearly a dozen must-try dishes from NYC restaurants. Remember that when you do order delivery to tip as best you can, and a little extra if the weather is inclement.

Burrito de Pollo at Taqueria Al Pastor

Bushwick, Brooklyn Heights
As far as deliverable foods go, burritos may as well be the north star (there’s more than one on this list). One of the best in New York comes from Taqueria Al Pastor, which boasts locations in both Bushwick and Brooklyn Heights. The burritos here are absolutely stuffed with the usual fixins, and available with chicken, carne asada, carnitas, and vegetarian options like nopal and hongos. Add chips to your order to scoop up the bits of burrito filling that inevitably fall out.
How to try it: Order via Grubhub.

Klom Klorm Restaurant
Pad Sei Eiw | Klom Klorm Restaurant

Pad Sei Eiw at Klom Klorm

Most every neighborhood is blessed with its go-to Thai restaurant for reliably delicious takeout, but Klom Klorm is the one people seem to know even if they don’t call Bushwick home. Just about everything hits here from the tingling pad kee mau and khao soi, to the massaman curry and tom kha gai; but the pad sei eiw is a fan favorite. Ideally, your order is rounded out with the addition of chive dumplings and labb. And if spice isn’t for you, it's best to avoid anything labeled as such because they really aren’t kidding.
How to try it: Order via Grubhub.

Vegetarian Chicken Sandwich at Banh Mi Place

Prospect Heights
This Vietnamese Prospect Heights gem has somewhat surprisingly gained its fame from its vegetarian sandwiches more than it has for the classics. And while really there isn’t a bad banh mi in the bunch, the vegetarian chicken is a fan favorite. Of course, an order from Banh Mi Place wouldn’t be complete without one of the papaya salads.
How to try it: Order via Grubhub.

Love, Nelly
The Classic Beef empanada | Love, Nelly

Empanada Mix at Love Nelly

Ocean Hill
It’s rare that one restaurant can satisfy two very unique cravings, in this case empanadas and cookies, and excel at them both with ease. Love Nelly in Ocean Hill does just that. Of the former, it’s best to order a half dozen empanadas for $35 to try them all, but if you’re needing to decide, the curry chickpea and chicken and rice empanadas are worth trying. For sweets, opt for the besitos if you want something wonderfully buttery, and the chocolate chunk cookies if that’s more calling your name.
How to try it: Order via Grubhub.

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Goat dum biryani at Adda

Long Island City
The best way to recreate a meal at this excellent Indian restaurant from the Dhamaka team is to order a little bit of everything. Namely the seasonal saag paneer, garlic naan, goat biryani, and a side of raita for the biryani. The goat biryani is the dish that anyone who has dined at Adda has either had, or instantly felt regret for not getting after seeing it cross the dining room to another table.
How to try it: Order via Grubhub.

Birds of a Feather 鸳鸯
Dan dan noodles | Birds of a Feather 鸳鸯

Dan dan noodles at Birds of a Feather

This popular Williamsburg restaurant is beloved for a menu of standout Sichuan mainstays from chef Ziqiang Lu, previously of Cafe China. One of the stars on the Birds of a Feather menu is the dan dan noodles, expertly spiced and dressed with sesame oil. For a less-spicy option, the mung bean noodles have much less of a kick.
How to try it: Order via Grubhub.

California Burrito at Electric Burrito

East Village
One of two burritos on this list, the arrival of Electric Burrito in the East Village gave New Yorkers the french fry-filled burritos Southern California is overflowing with. The one to have here is the California burrito, filled with fries, cheese, pico de gallo, and carne asada if you want to keep it classic (though chicken and carnitas are also options). Throw in a Mexican coke while you’re at it.
How to try it: Order via Grubhub.

Lucy’s Vietnamese
Vegan Ginger Chicken Pho | Lucy’s Vietnamese

Vegan Ginger Chicken Pho at Lucy’s Vietnamese

BedStuy, Williamsburg, Bushwick
No matter which Lucy’s location you find yourself closest to you can expect an umami-rich pho broth that is lovely, and 100 percent vegan. It’s the star of Lucy’s pho offerings which include traditional smoked brisket, lemongrass chicken, and tofu varieties. Arguably the best of the bunch is the vegan chicken pho dressed with shiitake mushrooms, scallions, and shallots. If you find you need to hit a certain order minimum, get as many sides of Lucy’s wonderful broth as your freezer or fridge can hold.
How to try it: Order via Grubhub.

Matzoh Ball Soup at Golden Diner

Two Bridges
So much of Golden Diner’s comforting menu should be reserved for enjoying in person, like the fantastic cheeseburger. That said, we’d never stop you from enjoying the restaurant’s warming matzoh ball soup from the comfort of your own home. The fluffy matzoh ball sits in a broth that’s dressed with fresh dill and Chinese celery. Plus, you have the option to add additional matzoh.
How to try it: Order via Grubhub.

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