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Cricket tacos (and other things) in Nolita

Bar at Antojeria La Popular

If you’re the type of guy who wakes up in the morning thinking, “I could really go for some cricket ravioli today”, then, well, you're totally out of luck. But if you're ok with settling for cricket tacos, hit this subterranean Nolita tapas joint (from the architects-turned-restaurateurs behind Tribeca’s Taka Taka: Mexican Sushi), which serves the bugs in a heaping pile on a blue-corn tortilla, astride mashed avocados and an avo-cream sauce. If you're some sort of weird freak who doesn't crave arthropods, La Popular also features non-insectified bites meant to be eaten street-food-style (or, with your fingers as messily as possible); namely chilaquiles, tostadas, and ceviches. For dessert, there’re refreshing La Newyorkina paletas, made in Brooklyn, and you can wash it all down with real-deal Mexican hot chocolate or, you know, a beer -- which you’ll definitely need if you just unknowingly swallowed some crickets.

Cricket taco at Antojeria La Popular
Cricket taco at Antojeria La Popular
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