Black Seed's doing late-night pizza bagels

The much-buzzed-about Montreal/NYC hybrid bagel shop Black Seed is upping Nolita's late-night pizza game EVEN MORE by giving you flashbacks to every sleepover you ever had growing up. That's right, from 10pm-4am every Thursday-Saturday, they're doing special late-night-only pizza bagels, except instead of having your friend's Mom microwave them and leave 'em next to the orange soda, Black Seed is wood-firing these bad boys and topping them with mozz/basil or mozz/pepperoni.

Thrillist bonus points if you get two and fashion some sort of sandwich out of them.

Andrew Zimmer is Thrillist's NYC Editor and thinks all bagels should be pizza bagels. How is this not the norm? Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.