Nolita's got the craziest tapas you've ever seen

Taking cues not from rustic farmhouses or some manor in Spain (like so many other tapas joints), but rather the "skateboard set" and the "urban landscapes of Barcelona and Bilbao" (combined with a little arty weirdness that Dali would've twirled his mustache while praising), Plan B is a Northern Spanish tapas joint that might also be the most "eccentric and demented" restaurant you've ever been to, partly because they've got jars of octopus and sausages made from things Ice Cube is terrified of.When you enter the massive skylit room, you'll walk through this "forest" of sawed-off olive branches and Gaudi-esque ironwork.Horsehide!Here's that jar filled with an octopus. Yes, it's real. No, you can't eat it. And now, here's the food in order, from Not Weird At All, to Maybe You're Too Much Of A Herb To Eat That. Check it out:Chorizo grilled, skewered, and topped with parsley, oregano, garlic, and olive oil. Pretty normal!Their take on a Cuban adds serrano to roast pork, Swiss, and lemon aioli. A little twist, but nothing too bonkers yet...Ok, here we go. This is chicken stuffed and rolled with spinach, shallots, and tomatoes, and served over an absinthe cream because they "like things that make people crazy".Chicharones Tuiles: deep-fried pork skin on pork fat back, plus garlic aioli, on top of a cilantro cookie. Everyone knows pork cookie is the best cookie, even better than Girl Scout.Look out, Roger: it's rabbit meatball time, and they're topped with oregano, demi-glace, and Manchego. "You could just sit and pop a million of them like bon-bons."Duck!... neck on a tostada. You've never had that, you liar.Here's a pot full of sauteed spicy chili shrimp heads, which is actually "where all the good bits are... Take two fingers, squeeze the end, and suck", kind of like you were trying to get the last drops of toothpaste out. Also, why are you sucking out the last drops of toothpaste? Gross.No, this isn't an upside down peanut butter cup, it's squid ink and crab flan, a savory take on the usually sweet dessert. It "tastes like the ocean" (the good kind in Spain, not, like, Long Island or whatever).We're almost there. This is the duck heart pate, plus a souffle that's cracked open tableside and topped off with duck heart sauce.And this? Oh, just a python sausage, something the chef discovered while traveling in Vietnam. It's done up with mustard and roasted vinegar onions so the whole plate has a sort of "charcuterie flavor profile". Potentially crazier dishes that aren't pictured: bull testicles and calf's brain.If you were looking for the place to bone up on your Spanish craft beer knowledge, you just found it.Cocktails are designed by Ivy Mix of the Clover Club and Speed Rack (of which she's co-founder), and are inspired by Spain without relying strictly on sangria -- like this candied hibiscus-topped Un Diferente Negroni with prickly pear puree standing in for Campari.Ok, fine, they do have sangria, but it's not doled out via pitcher, and is stepped up with txakolina wine, pineapple, pomegranate, and jalapeno tequila.This baby's the Plaza Vieja, which is Spanish for "old square", something you won't be, thanks to the rye, bitters, Benedictine, and very Spanish Vermouth Negra.