A rooftop bar with a hot tub and bone marrow

Even though a city whose biggest hill is Murray probably doesn't need a ski lodge, this winter, the Americano Hotel is turning their top level into Conosur, which boasts nourishing South American food perfect for after a tough day on the not-slopes, and a pool that's been heated to hot tub temps

Champagne magnums in the pool. Probably don't wear your Bogner one-piece in here

After a nice soak, head inside for a proper dinner in the sheepskin-adorned solarium

This is just ridiculous: A 90-day-aged ribeye cooked on their parilla (a South American grill) and topped w/ bone marrow & chimichurri rojo

Fondue time! While bread is good too, the chef says "dip the strip steak in it"

Finish yourself off with one of their cocktails, like this Viedma with vodka, agave syrup & beet juice, or hot 'tails including the Drake's Cannitis with two espresso shots, rum, and rum whipped cream.