Italy meets Germany at Harold Dieterle's new West Village spot

From the team behind Perilla and Kin Shop (starring OG Top Chef winner Harold Dieterle), The Marrow is a West Village Italo-German trattoria-lodge inspired by Dieterle parents' heritages, and fills the masculinely rustic, triangular-ish space with butcher block tables and slatted wood booths that look like huge barrels, though it's likely you're the one who'll be getting rolled out

Food comes from a kitchen visible through this sliver above a row of banquettes, and eschews fusion (Eschewsion! Fight the power!!) in favor of separate Italian (braised brisket "braciole" w/ Pecorino & red sauce) and Germanic plates (pan-fried duck schnitzel w/ quark spaetzle & wolfberries)

They've also got the largest and most built-out bar program the team's ever done. Also, look at that bar. It's cool

Said 'tails include the Bankrobber (they're on Bank St, but swear they're not going to jack up HSBC) with bourbon, Punt e Mes vermouth & Campari, plus the tiki-esque swizzle called the Spritzle (pictured center above) with rum, Aperol, mint bitters & a Rumple Minze "drizzle", which is about as much Rumple Minze as anyone should ever roll with.