A tropical escape with tons of rum in Midtown

When that rum craving hits you at work, especially if you work at Toys 'R Us, a wonderful dude named Tommy Bahama has got you covered with this sprawling two story tropical getaway, starting with the ground-floor "Marlin Bar" that's complete with a choose-your-own-adventure mojito station.

Those barrels behind the bar are aging a selection of rums plus cocktails that'll be poured straight out of 'em, including the Whistle Pig rye, Hennessy, walnut liqueur & Angostura bitters Whistle Blower, which hopefully doesn't apply to anyone you go to lunch with here

You also can also snag cocktails that haven't been getting more awesome in barrels, including a 10 Cane Mojito with hand-harvested sugar cane from Trinidad

And if happy hour makes you hungry, spiral your way up these stairs to the massive cabana above 5th Ave

Adorned with tons of cushions, islandy shutters, and giant windows, the top level will make you feel like one of the vacationers wandering around below you, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't make fun of them

The food is predictably island-vibed, and features stuff like this swordfish w/ farro & edamame salad and jalapeno lime butter

Dessert, finally. It's a well-known fact that anything inside of a hollowed-out pineapple is delicious, and it's even more true when it's creme brulee.