RIP: 24 NYC spots that shuttered their doors this year

There’s a tremendous amount of turnover in the NYC bar and restaurant scene, and sometimes places we actually love are casualties of that tremendous amount of turnover. This year, there were 24 in particular that got us misty-eyed. These are the 24.

(Cue Sarah McLachlan)

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Lower East Side
We’ll miss your groundbreaking, innovative cuisine, and never really knowing exactly what it was we were eating.


We’ll miss shots, pool, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, and meeting here late-night with co-workers.

Gray's papaya
Flickr/Matthew Rutledge

Gray's Papaya

Greenwich Village
We’ll miss your late-night hot dogs and the "Recession Special".


Alphabet City
We’ll miss going here after a serious night of drinking, or going here during a serious night of drinking.


East Village
We’ll miss building a biscuit.

White Castle

We’ll miss that you existed at all, and those weird Valentine’s Day dinners for two.

Yaffa Cafe


Park Slope
We’ll miss always having a solid option for an Italian trattoria in the arsenal.

The Harrison

We’ll miss your solid neighborhood meet-up destination vibe and duck fat fries. We’ll always miss duck fat fries.

Snack Dragon

East Village
We'll miss this almost 10-year-old spot, stumbling into it to get late-night nachoritos, and thinking that 100sqft could cost less than $4,500 in the East Village.

Benny's Burritos

Alphabet City
We'll miss being able to sit down and grab a big-ass burrito and a badass margarita, though we're hopeful the new to-go spot means we'll still be able to at least get an overstuffed fix.

The Marrow

West Village
We’ll miss your duck schnitzel with wolfberries, which was amazing, and your ginger stout cake which was even amazing-er.

Yaffa Cafe

East Village
We’ll miss having a spot that we could always count on to go to late-night.

Los perros locos
Andrew Zimmer

Los Perros Locos

Lower East Side
We’ll miss your insanity-topped hot dogs.

Sel de Mer

We’ll miss your cheap lobsters and the way you’d describe a glass of wine.

Brooklyn Ale House

We’ll miss your free bagels and great beers.

De Robertis

East Village
We’ll miss your 110 years of history, and the pignoli, ices, and espresso.

DBA Brooklyn

We’ll miss your great beers, whiskey, occasional farmers market, and great back garden.

Rodeo bar

Rodeo Bar

Murray Hill
We’ll miss the peanuts all over the ground, and the fact that there was a place in Murray Hill that we could wander into and see some great live music or an offbeat burlesque act.

Jinya Ramen

West Village
We’ll miss this place that seemed to fly under the ramen-fiend radar, and also the black ramen and the weirdly good shrimp buns with cheese.


We’ll miss your burger, mac & cheese, gorgeous outdoor garden, and your crispy baby artichokes -- why aren’t more places doing crispy baby artichokes?

Flickr/Ludovic Bertron


Meatpacking District
We’ll miss the fact that we might see Lindsay Lohan there. JK, but we will miss having a place that was actually good in the Meatpacking District.

The Cleveland

We’ll miss your incredibly good, In-N-Out-inspired, animal-style, aged beef burger, and your all around charm.

Sunburnt Cow

Alphabet City
We’ll miss your unlimited brunch and the weird movies you played behind the bar.


Lower East Side
We’ll miss your wine and the truffled egg toast. Long live the truffled egg toast.

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Andrew Zimmer is Thrillist’s NYC Editor and he hopes someone will miss him when he closes. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.