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Oreo pancakes and Juicy Lucy sausage biscuits are for brunch now

Chef Chris Santos is hooking you up with brand-new brunch choices at both Stanton Social and Beauty & Essex, starting this weekend. Taking away the social stigma that comes with your incessant desire to eat cookies for breakfast are the icing-drizzled Oreo pancakes, as well as French toast sticks with Nutella, vanilla, crème fraiche, and fresh strawberries. On the savory end of things, there's creamy, smoked-bacon polenta (the only way you should ever take polenta) with poached eggs and chile oil.

And just to make your life more difficult, you'll have to choose between that, and the goodness at Beauty -- like their new Juicy Lucy sausage biscuit w/ house-made Pimento cheese-stuffed country sage sausage, or their Reuben Toast, which's stacked with house-made pastrami, kale-kraut, caraway, Bechamel, and sunny-side-up quail egg.

But instead of making a choice, you could just always hit both, and nap until Tuesday.

Stanton Social
Stanton Social
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