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Meet the PieCaken, for Those Times When Regular Pumpkin Pie Is Just Not Enough

Sincere apologies to your grandmother, but her pumpkin pie is old news. One NYC restaurant has followed the modern Thanksgiving tradition of stuffing foods inside other foods (à la the Turducken), by introducing an extremely over-the-top dessert-within-a-dessert, aptly named the PieCaken.

The seasonal speciality comes from Craveable Hospitality Group's Pastry Director Zac Young, and involves pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and spice cake cut and stacked together, then finished with cinnamon frosting, oat crumble, and apple pie filling, naturally. Should you want to thoroughly insult your own grandmother this holiday season, you can place an order to pick yours up in store at David Burke at Bloomingdale's now through the end of December or pre-order it for December delivery outside of NYC. Just please, let your grandmother down easy.

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