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Is this pizza worth the trip?

Just because you’ve already found a spot in your neighborhood that sells pizza, burgers, Kung Pao falafel, and off-brand Four Loko, doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally put on PajamaJeans and explore something a little farther afield, especially when that little farther afield thing is arguably the best slice joint in the city.

It might be closer to JFK than it is to any decent bars, but New Park Pizza in Howard Beach (that’s in Queens, by the way) is worth the trip. We know, because we made it.

New Park Pizza - Best Pizza NYC

While you should never order a steak well-done (seriously, are you doing that? Stop it.), you’ll want to ask for your slice at New Park Pizza that way. The crust will get a perfect char, the cheese will get bubbly, and the other patrons will gaze upon you while nodding approvingly.

New Park Pizza - Best Pizza NYC

You can order entire pies or just by the slice, and it’s true New York-style pizza. It's not “artisanally” thin nor generic-pizza-place-chewy; it’s crispy, but can still handle being folded in half and eaten while walking back to the A train (which is above ground out there, like some sort of fancy Eurail).

New Park Pizza - Best Pizza NYC

The crust alone, though, is worth the trek: they flavor-bonus it by throwing salt in the oven as the pies bake.

New Park Pizza - Best Pizza NYC

Sure, it might take you more than an hour to get there, but think about how smugly you can tell the story to those jerks in Accounting when you’re back in the office on Monday. Those guys are the worst.

Mike Barish is Thrillist's Contributor Manager and holds firm opinions on fried chicken, SkyMall, and inane spellings of otherwise common first names. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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