RIP: 36 shuttered NYC bars and restaurants that we'll miss

As the year comes to a close, we look back on some of the restaurants and bars that closed and reflect on what we'll miss about them, starting with Guy's American Kitchen and all of its crazy… wait... what? Really? Still? Well, here're some actually closed places and the things we loved about them.

Big Nicks NYC
Flickr/Austen Squarepants

Big Nick's
Upper West Side
We'll miss your divey style and trying to eat a pound of meat.

Odessa Cafe & Bar
East Village
Even though you can still get the eats at the next door diner, we'll miss the fact that there was a dive bar in the East Village where we felt comfortable taking shots while eating pierogies, which kinda didn't make any sense at all, but totally did.

Mesa Grill
We'll miss your Kentucky Hot Brown and the thrill of never actually seeing Bobby Flay in you.

The Hairy Monk
Murray Hill
We'll miss watching division-three NESCAC championship games with you.

Andrew Zimmer

We'll miss eating one of each of your crostini by the giant, open, front windows.

We'll miss the fact that you were one of the first places to turn us onto NYC's BBQ scene.

Dans Le Noir
Midtown West
We'll miss ummm, what was that? Was that your foot?

Painkiller nyc

Lower East Side
We'll miss your banana daiquiri -- it was simply amazing.

The Back Fence
West Village
We'll miss standing in that weird alley that was roped-off from the people who planned ahead and got seats, eating peanuts, and listening to bands we always enjoyed more than we probably should have.

Kenny's Castaways
West Village
We'll miss the fact that we could catch pretty major acts playing with a seemingly random backing bar band.

El Sombrero
Lower East Side
We'll miss thinking that every time we went it would be better than it turned out to be, but not really caring that it never was.

Andrew Zimmer

We'll miss being able to say we were eating Questlove's fried chicken.

Max Fish
Lower East Side
We'll miss all the drama surrounding your closing, if it actually ever ends.

We'll miss reliable fine-dining in South Williamsburg.


And here're some other bars we'll miss, for reasons we're too emotional to talk about right now...
J Soho
La Silhouette
Jack Bistro
Lobel's Kitchen
The Living Room
The Beagle
Extra Place
Alchemy Texas
La Mar Cebicheria
Silver Lining
National Underground
Motor City Bar
Blarney Cove
Veselka (Bowery)
Lenox Lounge