Your Favorite Burger Joint Just Opened in Penn Station

Traveling through New York’s Penn Station just got a little less terrible. Now, instead of relying on Krispy Kreme or Penn Sushi, you can get yourself a ShackBurger. Shake Shack, the beloved NYC-based burger empire, opens its doors on the lower concourse of Manhattan’s most wretched major train hub today.

The new location allows commuters coming in and out of Penn to grab breakfast sandwiches (like sausage or bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches) in the morning, Shack classics like burgers and crinkle-cut fries from the afternoon onward, plus Stumptown coffee, and local craft beers from The Bronx Brewery, Brooklyn Brewery, and Sixpoint Brewery for the ride home. Is this the first step towards the widely criticized Penn Station -- which the city plans to fully renovate by 2020 -- becoming the next Grand Central? Probably not! But at least you don’t have to settle for questionable sushi anymore!

shake shack burger
Evan Sung
Evan Sung

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Amy Schulman is a Shake Shack aficionado who is not embarrassed to have once waited more than an hour and a half in line for a burger and fries. Follow her on Instagram.