This NYC Bakery Is Topping Cupcakes With Ice Cream Instead of Frosting

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Forget freezer aisle ice cream cakes -- at Silk Cakes, a modern Asian bakery located in Forest Hills, Queens, you can get cupcakes covered with a round scoop of ice cream.

The ice cream-topped cupcakes come in three different flavors: pandan ice cream garnished with coconut flakes on a vanilla cupcake, lychee ice cream with kalamansi glaze on a yuzu cupcake, and chocolate ice cream covered in Japanese chocolate shavings on a chocolate cupcake.  

Silk Cakes owner and Pastry Chef Judy Lai infuses her Chinese background into all her pastries. “A lot of the flavors here were actually inspired by things that we grew up with,” she explains. “So we thought to combine and recreate the American desserts and elevate it with an Asian flavor to it.”

Along with the seasonal cupcake speciality, Silk Cakes is known for its Sakura Blossom Cake: a chiffon cake with a white chocolate center that’s topped with chilled strawberry mousse. It’s also got a roster of cupcakes accompanied by traditional frosting, like the best-selling Sriracha Chocolate Cupcake -- a Sriracha chocolate cake base with chocolate buttercream and semi-sweet chocolate truffle and lime zest.

To see why you should be making a trip to Forest Hills, check out the video above.

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Amy Schulman is an Editorial Production Assistant at Thrillist whose love for ice cream is only eclipsed by her love for chocolate. Follow her on Instagram.