Eat where the chef's eat

New York may still be the City That Never Sleeps, but it's no longer the City That Also Doesn't Eat Because It's The Eighties And Everyone's On Uppers. The proof's in the pudding -- or more accurately the fried chicken -- at the Bromberg Bros. original Blue Ribbon restaurant, open 'til 4am seven days a week. Quickly establishing itself as a hang for post-shift chefs nearly 20 years ago, it's now one of the most venerable eateries in town.The dining room's muted walls are adorned with a few large paintings, and its few wooden hues only broken up by white tablecloths, but that just means that the couple cozied up at the two-top right next to you can pay more horrified attention as you start your epic march all over the 60-item-strong menu.The multi-national influence is evidenced right from the starters, which include cheese fondue, country pate, fried oysters, pierogies, a Pu Pu platter, and arguably the best bone marrow in the city.Feel free to make a mid-course of the raw seafood tower, assuming your appetite hasn't Plateaued.Round out your meal (and yourself) with a large portion of sweetbreads w/ wild mushrooms, or pigeon with toasted barley & sweet potato, but not at the expense of grabbing the aforementioned fried chicken for the table, a decision that ensures many a New Yorker never sleeps, but only due to heartburn.