What chefs and more can't wait to eat and drink in 2013

New York

We asked New York's finest chefs, barkeeps, and more to boss you around like their name was Lumbergh and tell you exactly what you must ingest where in 2013. Now listen up.

John McNulty, Co-owner of Swine
"I still haven’t been to The NoMad, so that’s topping my list right now. I’m excited for Serge Becker’s Japanese concept to open where Kenmare used to be.

Remi Laba, Co-owner/ Partner at Bagatelle
You must have the quail at l’Atelier, the Dover Sole at The Costes in Paris and a meal at Apicius in Paris. My girlfriend Vanessa’s gluten free dinner platters are also something I look forward to eating now. I am converted! Drink wise, I stick to my favorites: Dom Perignon rose, Moet Ice Imperial, and Bertaud Belieu rose. They all fit in my “joie de vivre”. Bubbles and life in pink. What could I ask for more

Chris Santos, Chef/ Partner at Beauty & Essex and Stanton Social
"I am really looking forward to Amanda Freitag's long awaited new restaurant. She's one of the my favorite chefs and we haven't been able to enjoy her delicious cooking since she left The Harrison.

Eben Freeman, Director of Bar Operations and Innovation at Altamarea Group
"Alder: Wylie relaxes. Dead Rabbit for the great cocktails and beer in a big box concept, and Montmartre for the return of Tien Ho!

Toby Maloney, Partner at Pouring Ribbons
"Attaboy. Screw Broadway, the best show in town is the Mickey and Sammy show on Eldridge. The new Milk and Honey. I can't wait to see Sasha's re-imagining of M&H, with a bigger budget and 12 years experience. And The Dead Rabbit, because Sean and Jack are rock stars.

PJ Calapa, Chef de Cuisine at Ai Fiori
"I'm looking forward to drinking iced cold Modelos at BUA, and eating the Tea Smoked Fried Rice at Cafe China.

Pat LaFrieda
"The Tomahawk at The Darby.

Paul Gerard, Executive Chef/ Owner at Exchange Alley
"I take Monday nights off to enjoy 'boys' night' with my 3-year-old son Frank. His favorite food is dumplings, so we've been on a tour of dim sum houses, and dumpling restaurants in Chinatown. Which is why I think that my must eat/drink list is not 'where', but 'with whom'. I'm not a critical eater. I know what it takes to pull off a restaurant on a daily basis, and think people spending their time snapping pictures at dinner to share their two cents and critiques to the world on Yelp or whatever need to shut the f*ck up, and learn to enjoy themselves. Grab a loved one or a friend, focus on them, and appreciate that someone in the back is working their ass off to provide you with a good meal, despite occasional and often inevitable flaws, and love that moment for that moment is as good as it's gonna get.

Nick Anderer, Executive Chef at Maialino
"Salvation Taco on the ground floor of Pod Hotel. After seeing what they did on the roof, can’t wait to see what the April Bloomfield collaboration has in store for Mexican food. Also excited to see what Tien Ho does with Bistro food at Montmartre. He and Gabe Stulman sound like an interesting team.

Hari Nathan Kalyan, Partner at The Randolph and Randolph Beer"
"Quality Italian from Michael Stillman's Fourth Wall Restaurants. It's going to be an Italian Steakhouse across the street from Quality Meats, their flagship restaurant. And The Randolph in Brooklyn. For obvious reasons.

Manuel Trevino, Executive Chef at Marble Lane at Dream Downtown
“I want to get to all of Dale Talde’s places.

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