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Foie gras McMuffins in Soho

French Restaurant Little Prince in Soho

After years of spending his time on tiny asteroids without one single 7 For All Mankind store, Little Prince has settled into Soho to provide a spot for you to sit, fancypeople-watch, and enjoy outrageously twisted classics worked up by the "chef's chef" from Le Rivage in the Theater District

Sure, inside makes you feel like you're in Paris and has a rack of those "magazines" historians insist people read before iPhones, but when the weather is nice, this is obviously the move.

Being on time for work is for people who don't know a place to sit and drink killer coffee -- they've got a La Colombe Chemex drip here

Plus what is essentially the most transcendent Egg McMuffin of all time: foie gras that's topped with an egg cooked in duck fat and sandwiched in between an English muffin, which you'll be happy to know was also cooked in duck fat

They've got all manner of modern takes on classic French food like steak au poivre and moules mariniere, but what you really need to know about is this off-menu (but always available) French onion soup burger. It's topped with Bechamel, caramelized onions, and Gruyere, supported by a dry-aged Creekstone patty, and sided with hand-cut fries

And it's much easier to justify eating duck fat foie gras Egg McMuffins after a few French-inspired cocktails like this Prince 71 sporting Calvados, champagne, a Golden Delicious apple garnish, and "secret ingredients", at least some of which are almost definitely Calvados, champagne, and a Golden Delicious apple garnish. Maybe.

Outdoor seating at Little Prince in Soho
Coffee at Little Prince in Soho
Foie gras McMuffin at Little Prince in Soho
French onion soup burger at Little Prince in Soho
French inspired cocktail program at Little Prince in Soho