If you're not already familiar with Sticky's Finger Joint, here's what you need to know: it's a "gourmet" chicken-finger-oriented mini-chain that originated in NYC's West Village and now has two other locations in the city. It's best known for its crazy sauces, which range from Sriracha Ranch to Grandma's Gravy -- but it's also home to what's arguably the best (or at the very least, craziest) French fries in New York City: the S'Mores Fries.

Imagine the only good part about camping placed on top of a bed of crispy French fries -- the S'Mores Fries are drizzled with lots of chocolate and marshmallow sauces, then topped with graham crackers and more marshmallows. To find out more about the perfect savory and sweet mash-up, check out the video above.

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1. Sticky's Finger Joint 598 9th Ave, New York, NY 10036 (Hells Kitchen)

Pizza and burgers be damned, Sticky's wants to convert you to the chicken finger camp. Part lunch counter, part gourmet version of KFC, Sticky's is a sparsely decorated NYC chain whose graffitied walls and simple booths force you to focus on its wonderfully crispy chicken fingers and poppers, house-made dipping sauces, and loaded sides like the cheesy, greasy bacon mac fries.



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