This Massive Pizza Is Topped With Tacos and Guacamole


At Tony Boloney’s in Hoboken, NJ, Taco Tuesday has evolved into the far-less-fun-to-say Taco Pizza Tuesday. The ridiculously named restaurant on the other side of the Hudson River was well-known for its Atlantic City-style pizzas and subs before owner Mike Hauke decided on a whim to appease a group of stoned kids with the ultimate munchies snack: tacos on top of pizza.

“These kids came in high as hell... stoned out of their minds,” Hauke recalls. “They were like, ‘Yo, let me get some tacos.’” Other customers started asking what it was, and suddenly there was a line out the door for the 30lb Taco Pizza every Tuesday.

The massive pizza (which costs $80 per pie or $10 per slice) begins with house-made queso Oaxaca, carne asada, chipotle asada, and a solid heaping of cheese on top of pizza dough. Once the pizza is cooked, a myriad of taco varieties are piled on the outer rim of the pizza. To finish it all off, guacamole and sour cream are added to the center of the pie for easy dipping access.

Since introducing the pie, the kitchen has started going through about 100 individual slices (with three tacos on each slice) every Tuesday. And while it’s generally 20-somethings from the area who frequent Tony Boloney’s, a lot of families with young kids stop by for a sub or a sampling from a menu dedicated to mozzarella sticks. Hauke says YouTube stars from Manhattan have made the pilgrimage to taste the famed Taco Pizza, as well as local musicians and NFL players who live in Hoboken.

“We had a guy from Sweden who was here at the shop at 6 in the morning, waiting until we opened so he could get [the Taco Pizza],” says Hauke, laughing. “I had to break the news to him that it wasn’t Tuesday.”

Downing one slice is tricky enough, but if you’re looking to demolish the entire pie (with a large group of friends, we assume), heed Hauke’s advice on how to best consume it: “Take the tacos off, dip it in the guac, move them around in the carne asada, eat the tacos, and then smear all the guac and sour cream -- all that good stuff -- over the pie, and eat the slice.”

To find out how to never choose between tacos and pizza again, watch the video above.

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Amy Schulman is an editorial production assistant who wishes she thought of a taco pizza herself. Follow her on Instagram.