The Quest for the Perfect Lobster Roll Power Ranking

Editor's Note: Lobster rolls are the king of all summer foods (shut up, watermelon slices), which is why we sent our very own Andrew Zimmer to try and figure out what the Perfect Lobster Roll is, where it is, or if it’s totally a figment of our nostalgia-soaked collective unconscious. Catch up on previous legs of The Quest here, and follow along on Facebook, or by using #LobsterRollQuest over the course of the summer to see each step of The Quest unfold.

For those of you following along on The Quest for the Perfect Lobster Roll who hate reading things, personal growth, and long annoying quests and just want to get down to the business of finding great lobster rolls, below is the running ranking that accompanies The Quest. This is where we’re at about halfway through the summer. Check back at least every two weeks for a new batch of rolls.

1. Lobster Landing, CT Style (Clinton, CT)
2. Red Hook Lobster Pound Extra Place, Maine Style (NYC)
3. Lobster Joint Rockaway Boardwalk, Maine Style (NYC)
4. Seven Seas (Milford, CT)
5. LobsterCraft (Stamford, CT)
6. Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tale (Madison, CT)
7. Ed’s Lobster Bar, Maine Style (NYC)
8. The Lobster Hut (Milford, CT)
9. Lobster Place in Chelsea Market, Maine Style (NYC)
10. The Wharf, Maine Style (NYC)

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Andrew Zimmer is Thrillist's NYC editor and he really hopes he's not ruining lobster rolls for himself. He's pretty confident that's impossible though. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook.