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10 Ways to Give NYC's "Worst-Ever" Blizzard the Middle Finger

In case you haven't LOOKED OUT YOUR WINDOW recently, there’s a big-ass blizzard out there that's got NYC in a state of emergency. And while there's a pretty good chance you're gonna spend the next few days inside making Bacon Weave Mac 'n' Cheese Quesadillas, if you DO feel like you need to venture out into Juno, here are 10 acceptable reasons to leave home, almost all of which include drinking, eating, or sitting next to something warm.

Fireplace bars nyc
Courtesy of Art Bar

Get to a bar with a fireplace

If you have one of these in your apartment, you're very lucky (and should text us, like, right now). But you don’t, so if you plan on drinking while also being warm, hit up one of the best fireplace-equipped bars in the city, or really any of them that you can get to.

Drink whiskey... lots of whiskey

Hopefully you stocked up on enough brown spirits to get yourself through this, but in case you didn't (and let's be honest, you didn't), the 10 best whiskey bars in the city should have you covered.

Post up at a rooftop that's equipped to handle the elements

Yeah that’s right, there’re at least 10 rooftop bars (aka the best place to be during NYC's worst-ever blizzard) open year round. Have at it.

Drink outside...

... on one of these enclosed, heated patios. What? You thought we meant outside outside?

Get yourself some hot chocolate

Or maybe have one of NYC's 15 best places to get hot chocolate get it for you. Totally your call.

Best pho nyc
Patty Lee

Ramen will help you keep warm

If they stay open, you may actually be able to get into one of the best spots in the city, or give these under-the-radar spots a try. If you really can’t get out though, stock the hell up on instant ramen and get crazy.

Get the best pho in the city

Bonus points if you can get one of these spots to deliver.

best italian nyc
Chris Crowley

Tuck into a big, heaping bowl of pasta

Hitting up one of the best Italian spots in NYC will feel so good after trudging through infinity slush puddles. And trudging through infinity slush puddles NEVER feels good, so this is a big deal.

Leighton Pope

If all else fails, pop outside and make a Snowgarita

Here’s how.

winter vacations
Chris Watkins

Get the hell out of the city

Or at least dream about it while reading about these relatively quick getaways. Once the airports open back up you could be in Nassau swimming with pigs (wait, what?) less than 3.5hrs later.

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Andrew Zimmer is Thrillist’s NYC Editor and he bought enough ramen and whiskey to last basically forever. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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