Quality Italian
This is the biggest chicken Parm you'll probably ever see

First things first: it might look like it but that's NOT a pizza -- it's the massive pizza-sized chicken parm at Quality Italian in NYC. And not like personal pan pizza-sized, either. It's at LEAST a medium.

Andrew Zimmer
They plunk it down on the table with a pizza rack with a bottom floor of spices.
Andrew Zimmer
The mozz, Parm, and pecorino go right up to the herbed bread crumb edge.
Andrew Zimmer
It's sliced tableside with a pizza cutter -- a knife and fork are for people who eat tiny chicken Parms.
Andrew Zimmer
Top it all off with a little dried black olive seasoning. No giantic chicken parm is complete without it.
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1. Quality Italian 57 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019

Brother resto to the 'round-the-corner Quality Meats, QI's plating some seriously huge chicken parm. We're talking probably-the-biggest-in-the-world chicken parm. Additionally, they're serving agnolotti, steaks, and a slew of innovative cocktails.

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