Get Boozy Ice Cream (That'll Actually Get You Buzzed) at This Just-Opened NYC Shop


New Yorkers can now have their ice cream and their liquor, too. New York’s first Ice Cream “barlour” (yes, barlour) -- fittingly named Tipsy Scoop -- is now open in Kips Bay, with spiked ice cream that has a high enough alcohol content to actually get you buzzed.

Tipsy Scoop originally started out as an East Harlem wholesale and catering company, selling small batch, spiked ice cream to grocery stores throughout the city, and shipping cases around the country to boozy ice cream enthusiasts. After videos showcasing the spiked ice cream went viral, owner Melissa Tavss decided it was finally time to open a brick-and-mortar location.

“People were showing up to our production facility, which is in East Harlem under the Metro-North. They were looking for an ice cream shop, and we were in hair nets making ice cream,” Tavss explains with a laugh.

The new -- and much easier to find -- ice cream shop on 26th St offers scoops of the signature ice cream, as well as spiked ice cream sandwiches and ice cream cakes. All the flavors sold are based on different cocktails: The Mango Margarita is inspired by a New Orleans’ street daiquiri, while the Strawberry White Sangria Sorbet is based off of Spanish sangria.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the alcohol content burns down in the cooking process like it does in baked goods. All flavors are just below 5% ABV (which, in comparison, is like a light beer), and an ID is required to purchase the ice cream, both in the scoop shop and at the grocery store.

To find out how to combine happy hour and dessert, check out the video above.

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Amy Schulman is an Editorial Production Assistant at Thrillist who believes ice cream is the greatest thing to have ever been invented. Follow her on Instagram.